Best IUI Treatment In Faridabad: Midas Clinic

IUI or Intrauterine Insemination, a process for treating infertility, places sperm directly into a woman’s uterus. During natural conception, sperm passes through the vagina, and cervix into the uterus and fallopian tube. However, with IUI, a type of artificial insemination, sperm are washed and concentrated. Then, sperm are placed directly into a woman’s uterus around the time when your ovary releases eggs for fertilization.

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Conditions Which Need IUI Treatment

IUI treatment needs a male partner’s sperm. The scenarios where IUI treatment is necessary are when the reason infertility has no proper explanation, when mild endometriosis is detected, when problems with the cervix or cervical mucus are found, when the sperm count is low, when there is decreased sperm motility, and when a single woman or same-sex couples wishing to conceive.

IUI is not applicable when both fallopian tubes of a woman are blocked, when there is no fallopian tube, when a woman is suffering from multiple pelvic infections, when a woman is suffering from serious fallopian tube disease, and when a male produces no sperm.

Preparation For IUI Treatment

IUI treatment is a less painless and noninvasive treatment.  Every gynecologist has specific instructions for the IUI procedure. After an initial consultation, if your doctor thinks IUI is the best procedure for you, you need to follow the following timeline:

  • You need to visit the office frequently during your period for ultrasound, blood work, and medication instruction.
  • You should start taking medication at the time of your period.
  • After one week of starting medication, you will have an ultrasound and blood work again.
  • Your doctor will decide when you are ovulating seeing your test results. Your doctor will determine that after 16 days of starting medication, your male partner will visit the clinic.
  • After 16 days, your male partner will give a semen sample.
  • The sperm will be washed in the lab so the debris or seminal fluid is removed. This process is necessary so that the sperm can’t irritate the uterus.

The IUI process doesn’t require anesthesia. The sperm will be passed through the vagina and cervix and will be placed into the uterus. It is done with the help of a long, thin tube.

Choose Midas Clinic, The Best IUI Treatment Center

If you need infertility treatment, contact immediately with Midas Clinic in Faridabad. Dr. K.S. Anamika will decide after checking with you whether you will need IUI treatment or not. We will determine all the steps and processes for IUI treatment. IUI treatment cost is quite cost-effective at Midas Clinic. Moreover, we give free consultations to our patients.